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Written by Kato Hammond | Edited by Marlon Green | Foreword by Byron Jackson

In the tradition of the autobiography/memoir, TMOTTGoGo’s Kato Hammond opens up for the first time about the inside stories of his life growing up in the legendary musical genre of Go-Go — which is still going strong today.

In Take Me Out To The Go-Go, Kato Hammond exposes his unrepentant, unbridled life as a guitarist, actor, dancer, playwright, through bands such as Pure Elegance, Little Benny & The Masters, and Proper Utensils, to the Godfather of Go-Go Media. He delves deep into his volatile, profound, and enduring relationships and reveals an ultimate story of endurance, that started in the 1970s with a young Kato, a kid who despite negative statistics, took bold steps and sacrifices through lessons learned.

Kato takes you through a personal look into a human story through the Go-Go music culture, the people who inspired him, the ones who enabled him, the ones who tried to control him, the ones who changed him, the one’s who gave him opportunities, and the ones who tried to take them away. Take Me Out To The Go-Go is a whole story: a loner’s story, a musician’s story, an actor’s story, a writer’s story, a recovery story, a love story, a success story, a failure story, a visionary story, and a re-construction story.




Take Me Out The The Go-Go: The Autobiography of Kato Hammond
Price: Book $14.95 | eBook $9.99

Paperback: 218 pages

This story is fundamental to American culture, authentic, and antithetical to the usual narrative of how Black men come of age, mature, and make their own dreams come true. The Godfather of Go-Go Media’s artful voice is relentlessly resilient, and his lens picks up the extraordinary in the everyday. While musical genres from rock n roll, to hip hop, to go-go have been vilified for their influence on youth, Take Me Out to the Go-Go demonstrates how music and entertainment can be anyone s saving grace at any stage in life. Presented by a guy who cut his teeth performing theatre and go-go music in the streets of Marion Barry’s Washington, D.C., this must-read is the roadmap of a truly entertaining human experience.
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I Want To Play Too! (Children’s Book)
Price: Book $13.99

Paperback: 60 pages

A young Kato looks up to his cousin BJ and wants to play the guitar just like him. And even though BJ does not want him to touch his guitar, for fear of breaking this strings, Kato wants to learn anyway. But just wait until you see what happens when BJ places his guitar down and leaves the room.
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NewWhiteCD-Cover3D-1Take Me Out To The Go-Go: The Autobiography of Kato Hammond
Price: $19.95

Narrated By Kato Hammond
Length: 5 hrs and 17 mins

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